Xna Workshop, Ankara, Turkey – Material drop #1

The Xna workshop held in Ankara, Turkey is now over, I’ll post all the material during this week. This will be the first material drop of a few.

This drop contains the sample I worked on for the workshop, it is crude but it shows how easy things can be done in Xna.

You can download the material from here.

The sample is entry-level Xna (level 100).
All implementations are “crude” and should be used as a reference rather than
production code.

The sample shows the following using Xna:

* How to render 3D models
* How to get a mesh skinned with animation
* How to create a camera and move it in a 3D world
* How to use game components
* How to use game services
* How to use gamepads and keyboard for input

The 3D world is a famous site in Turkey called Cappadocia and the
3D model was downloaded from METU, the university we held the workshop. It can be found here.

The skinned mesh character along with the animation and components for using
it was downloaded from the creators club website and is licensed under the
Microsoft Permissive License. Skinned mesh sample can be found here.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.