Game Camp Norway starting up

After visiting the Microsoft Canadas’ DevelopMental site (got a tip from Rune Grothaug at Microsoft Norway), I figured out I’d better start a Game Camp seeing that I’m all into game development and have waited for an opportunity to get the word out about creating games using C# and the .net framework.

Game Camp Norway can be found at : - The site will be entirely in Norwegian, so I guess only a few of you will find it interesting to read. [:)]

The site has much to be desired as for a new design/template and a logo and so forth, and there is pretty much no content there as of today. But we have started, have the domain, have the server, the mailserver, the web community server..  Getting there..

Keep your eyes on the site if you find it interesting (and now how to read and understand Norwegian).

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.