3D in Silverlight 1.1 Alpha

Being a game developer at heart, my first instincts whenever a technology comes out that have visuals to it is to figure out a way to create some cool 3D stuff..

Silverlight proved to be a challenge doing this seeing that Microsoft dropped all of the subset of XAML that has to do with 3D. But fear not, it has the polygon visual…    That means we can do a lot of fun.

I’ve published an early version of my 3D engine at the following URL :

In order to run it, you need the Silverlight 1.1 Alpha runtime, it can be
downloaded at the following location :

It should look something like this :

Silverlight 3D - First Shot 

I will be publishing the source for the solution when I have it looking a bit better.

On to making texturemapping a reality … :)

 **UPDATE, 13th of June 2007 :
**SourceCode is out. Read more about it at :

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