Why DoLittle?

As you might have noticed, my blog lives on the domain “”. A domain that is hosted by myself on an old laptop sitting in my basement. :)  Anywho, the last couple of weeks I’ve been asked a few times about what’s up with the name DoLittle and does it have a meaning of some sort. I didn’t have a straight answer for anyone who asked, to be honest; I couldn’t really remember. Until it all came back to me a couple of days ago.

The year was 1997, I started to look for some freelance work for moonlighting besides my daytime job. In order to freelance work I needed to register myself as a single-person company with the government. I needed a cool name, or at least a cool URL. My objective was not to do a lot of business; one could say I wanted to do little. But that was not the real reason behind the name. At that point I was really focused on creating reusable code (I’m still focused on that. :) ), I was always building code with the idea of trying to create libraries and frameworks that would enable me to do as little as possible code for the next projects. Finding the common denominators became my life work. In addition to this I was also convinced (still am), that computer software should really be focusing on helping the user achieve desired result in as little time and with as little effort for the user as possible. I even remember coming with a slogan for the company “DoLittle ..  so that you don’t have to do much.. “ or something to that effect.

That is the story behind the name.. :)

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