Game Camp September Event - Registration now open

26th of September we´re holding our third Game Camp event. This time around we´re going across 2 simultaneous tracks. We´ve got a lot of exciting stuff for you, and as always; IT´S FREE.

Scott Bilas is coming to do the keynote and a session as well. Scott has worked on a lot of tripple A games for numerous companies (Sierra Online, Oberon Media, Gas Powered Games). He has had a few talks at the Games Developers Conference and is a strong believer in creating games in a managed environment such as the .net CLR and utilizing Xna. In addition FunCom is coming to talk about their experience in developing Age of Conan. The agenda is so great, you´ve gotta go and read to not miss out. Most game companies in Norway are attending with speakers. This will be our best event yet!

Registration is now open, don´t hesitate to register and show up at this great event.

Read the agenda and register here. And remember to spread the word.

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