The Code Lab

I’ve been wanting to try out a new format, or at least a new format for me; live interactive webcast. I got inspired when I saw some ex-colleagues of mine started something called “Kodepanelet” and figured I had to do something similar. The goal is to have a one hour show on a regular basis where anyone can chime in on social media and ask technical questions and I’ll try to be as agile as possible answering, or probably preferably show. Some things I can answer live - other things might need preparation for a later show, or a follow up in a blogpost or similar. This part is still a bit fuzzy. To be honest, since this is all new and I’m trying something out - the format will more than likely change over time.

The concept is called “The Code Lab”;


I will be using the Facebook live video streaming system for this and you’ll find the Facebook page for the concept here.


First airing will be on Friday the 4th of November @ 13:00 CET (1PM), here.

What can you expect?

First of all, this is supposed to be for software developers. And I can’t do more than I know or can easily acquire knowledge on. My background stretches from games development including graphics - low level programming to line of business applications and architecting highly available durable and scalable systems. I also have a knack for process and how to build teams. I consider myself pretty open-minded, and as a result I’ve always been all over the place when it comes to platforms. These days I find that I am probably most experienced in macOS and Windows, but an apprentice in Linux - trying to gain more experience there. I try to be polyglot in languages, but have most experience in C/C++, C# and JavaScript. Thrive in the backend as well as the frontend and loves my patterns and eat my SOLIDs for breakfast. I focus a lot of my time on cloud, and specifically Azure. Containers, MicroServices and in general decoupled software is something I am really passionate about.</>

How can you help?

Content is always king - I’m hoping people find this interesting and want to jump in with good questions. To get the topics right, there is a survey on Facebook

Health warning

If you’re out to troll me, I’ll try to ignore you. :)

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