New blog - different focus

A couple of weeks ago, we started a new blog that you can find here. The focus over on that blog will be very different than I’ve been having on my own personal blog here. It will be more in the lines of our perspective on software development, what we think is important, values and how to do things. Not so much about specific technology, but rather techniques, processes, patterns and such.

I will still be blogging on this blog with different focus than on the DoLittle blog.

So, who are we

At the moment, we’re 4 happy chaps, doing software development and we share the passion of thinking we can always get better. The guys involved are as follows :

Pavneet Singh Saund - @pavsaund

Niclas Bergquist - @niclasbergquist

Michael Smith - @WolfieBhoy

Einar Ingebrigtsen - @einari

Without getting into very specifics about what we will be having a conversation on, we can say this much that we think have something interesting to say and hope you’ll be watching this.

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