Innovasys donates to the Balder project

One really important thing when creating a framework like Balder, is to create proper documentation. The purpose of the documentation is for people to get good explanations for the API and samples on how to use it. 

I’ve been researching quite a bit for finding a good solution for doing this and didn’t want to do all documentation by using XML comments only, but wanted more rich content and must admit that I never found any free solutions that I found satisfying. In the past I’ve used Innovasys’ solution called DocumentX and was very happy with it. It might not be the natural choice for an OpenSource project to chose a commercial product, but the quality in which I want the documentation to be in I really wanted to use a product like DocumentX.

DocumentX provides a combination of documentation generated from XML comments in the code and rich text edited content, all mixed in nicely in the development environment; Visual Studio. This makes it easy to use and maintainable.  

Long story short, we’ve been so lucky to get Innovasys to sponsor  donate a license to actually do this. So a big thanks goes to them for providing the necessary license for this.


We will be working on updating the documentation and get it in future releases and part of the regular development.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.