Balder 0.8.5 release out

Update 2nd of August 2009: If you downloaded the release before 10PM Central European Time (GMT+1) on the 2nd of August 2009, please download the new binaries again. Statistics code was left in the release that caused a serious drop in performance.

We’ve finally got an update for Balder that contains the optimizations and new features we’ve been working on lately. Its still withing the Alpha stage, so we’re still adding some features.

You can find it here.

So, whats new?

  • Support for PNG and JPEG with all features supported by Silverlight 3
  • Support for Demoniak 3D XML format - 3DSMAX plugin can be found here
  • Optimizations, multithreading - read more here
  • General bugfixing and other optimizations
  • Size reduction - no need for SharpZipLib anymore (this might come back for other reasons)
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