Upcoming Balder release

My blog has been dead silent lately. The reason for this is that I’m quite busy getting a new release of Balder out the door. 

For the upcoming release, which will be named 0.8.8 - still in Alpha mode, I’ve focused a lot on code quality and getting some debt paid back from the “early” days when I started the project. But fear not, there is also a bunch of new features coming.

To mention a few things:

- Mouse interaction with objects, an event model

- Simpler initialization - in fact, there is none

- A better declarative Xaml model that replicates the object model found in Core - they are separated, due to cross-platform support that will come.

- The ability to have more than one displays - great for Silverlight when you want to have multiple 3D models on the same page, but not interacting with each other

- Command support - so one can actually do MVVM style 

- Debug information - bounding spheres 

 In addition there is tons of bug fixes, such as:

- Coordinate system was out of wack. Positive Y was pointing downards, now pointing up

- Initialization bugs that occured from time to time

- Speedups - rendering pipeline has optimized a tad, and the initialization phase as well.

There are a few breaking changes there as well in the API - its gotten a bit cleaner and more concise.

A detailed description of all this will come in the release notes.   Keep your ears to the ground, cool stuff will come soon.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.