Focus focus focus

The last year I’ve been close to having a split personality when it comes to the projects I’ve been working on. On my last count, I have 4 active CodePlex projects that I’ve created myself, and 4 more that I’m a member of:


I decided a couple of months ago that I will pick one project and focus on it only for now, instead of spreading my attention thin with working one hour here and there on different projects. The choice was kind of obvious on my part, Balder got my attention for now. My reasons for choosing that particular project as my main focus, are many. First of all, it is the most mature of the 4 mentioned above, secondly, it is truly something I love doing - graphics programming has always been close to my heart. We’re now running the last leg on Balder to get to a version 1.0 release. When this release is out I will continue on one of the other projects. I haven’t decided on which one yet, but my money is on OpenCompiler - creating compiler extensibility for C#.

So, for anyone holding their breath for any features or bug fixes put into anything else than Balder for the next couple of months, start breathing again. :)

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