Silverlight Unit Test Runners on CodePlex

The Silverlight unit test runners project started off as an internal project at work (Objectware) more or less a a proof of concept to prove that it was possible to run Silverlight unit tests based upon Jeff Wilcox’ test framework. We decided early on to release the binaries of it as soon as we had it up and running.

Now we’ve decided to release the source code as well and we’re encouraging people to join in on the development.

If you’d like to join in on the project, drop me a comment here, send a message on the leftside or a message on CodePlex. Remember to include your CodePlex username and I’ll add you to the project.

Anywho, the project can be found here.

The plan
**If there is such a thing as plan, I am not aware of it. :)  There are a couple of ideas, most of them are found in the project description on CodePlex. The basic idea is to be able to work with Silverlight unit tests like one is used to work with unit tests on any other project. We want to be able to use familiar tools and be able to run unit tests during continous integration.

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