New blog design - and move at the same time

Im relaunching myself with a brand new design at a brand new location.

This blog will continue over at the following URL:

For those of you who´ve been subscribing through the Feedburner URL will not notice any outtage, everything has been updated and redirected properly.

If you´re still subscribing to the old RSS link, please update to the Feedburner one above.

Hope you´ll enjoy the new design and keep on reading my ramblings. :)

Please leave me a comment if you have any. Also if you feel like your missing something, or you find the design to be ugly or non functional. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

And now for some credits.

I´ve done the design partially myself. Believe me when I say I´m no graphics artist or designer, so I have to get inspiration and “borrow” ideas from here and there. The top header is ofcourse my own, but the content part is a modified version of the Gluttony Wordpress Theme that was adopted to BlogEngine by GravityCube. In addition to this, I´ve gotten the contact actions icons and code for using them from David Burke, thanks again for helping me out.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.