Paternity leave, day 2 : Bring on the surgeon...

With the risk of turning my blog into a paternity leave diary, I’ll just update you with the latest from the front. :)

Today I started my day with a sore bottom and partly back, understandably from all the cutting from my doctor yesterday. Anywho, I went along and found a position in front of my Xbox that didn’t hurt too much and played Halo again.. :) Always great fun. After a while I started working with the Ageia PhysX SDK - great fun. Then my doctor called me and told me to drop by her office ASAP, she had managed to arrange for me to go to the hospital to a surgeon. With mildly shaky legs, I did as she told me and went to get a letter she had written for the hospital. Went from there directly to the hospital and waited for a couple of hours and the surgeon started examining me, which needless to say was VERY VERY PAINFUL (thanks doc). Turned out the surgeon didn’t want to perform a surgery, the wound was clean from bacteria and she (I’m lucky, I just get female doctors)  just wanted to observe me over a couple of days..

No more knives/scalpels, at least for a while. Phew..

And now..  Back to PhysX and Xna.

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