Paternity leave, day1 : Get your knives ready...

Day 1 of my maternity leave didn’t start as I had hoped. The last week I’ve been taking some penicillin for a pilonidal (Abscess, cyst) that keeps on getting inflamed every so often. Normally it’s been about an inch big, but last week it grew to the size of a small lemon. My doctor prescribed some Diclocil that hopefully would cure it. Two days later I was in the emergency room with insane pain. I wasn’t able to sit or stand. The doctor there was kind enough to sedate the area of the infection and cut it open to get the worst of the infection out, but told me that I should go and get surgery.

Today, my first official day of the paternity leave, I went to my doctors office, thinking that I was to get a referral to a specialist. Waited for some 40-45 minutes, went in and showed her the condition it was in now. 30 seconds later she decided it was best to really cut it open - this time without any anesthetic. Damn, that hurts!! I’ve never ever been in such pain. It was a 2-3 inch cut, quite deep. She then started to push around it to get all the infection out of there. The procedure took some 30 minutes and got most of it out, but I need to go to the hospital and do some surgery to get it all out.

The bright side is that the safest activity I can do without having pain is to turn on my Xbox360 and play Halo3 - one of the many games I have laying around I haven’t had the chance to play yet.

Now, day 2 awaits.. :)

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