Silverlight - client / server

I’ve been brewing on an idea lately that I’m going to start prototyping as soon as I have a spare hour or two.. :)  

What if we had a server side representation of the the user interface from a Silverlight application. Let’s say you have a DataGrid control in your silverlight application and you want to databind this to the server without having to go through a WebService, wouldn’t it be need if you could do :

In your server code you would just do :

protected void myDataGrid_DataRowChanged(object sender, DataRowChangedEventArgs e)

What I would then like to have in my Visual Studio solution/project explorer is 3 files :


Why would this be handy you say..   Well..  I would get rid of a lot of boiler plate code that I would have to do every time I wanted a scenario where I connect data for instance from the server to the client.

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