Expression European Designer Tour

Microsoft is finally out there on a tour with the purpose of learning us the do’s and don’ts for Expression featuring
Florent Pajani, Martin Tirion and Philippe Deltenre.

The Expression European Designer Tour will be coming to a place near you very soon.
The Norwegian version will be held in Oslo on the 12th of October :

09.30-10.00 Welcome - Registration

10.00- 10.30 Introduksjon - Florent Pajani
**Find out how Software and Services from Microsoft is pushing the envelope of what’s possible on the Web today. The tools and technologies Microsoft has built for Web developers and designers to help them work better together in creating immersive experiences on the Web
10.30-10.45 Pause

10.45-12.00 Designing Rich Client Experiences - Martin Tirion
**Expression Studio allows designers to create compelling UIs for the Windows Desktop and for the web. The Studio offers a complete set of tools, including Design, Blend, Web and Media, which enable designers to work closely together with developers. Developers can use Visual Studio which offers a top class development environment. Because of the tight integration of the platform and the tools it is a very compelling environment to have various disciplines work together building the next generation applications with a rich user experience. This presentation provides an overview of the tools and the integration.
12.00-12.30 Lunch

12.30-13.15 Overhyped and Undervalued - Philippe Deltenre
**Too much hype? Or not enough? Do we over- or underestimate the changes that will occur in the coming years? Is Microsoft missing the social media revolution or is Microsoft leading it?”

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