A tragedy

I just learned that a very good friend of mine, Ronny Brekke, was found dead in Oslo under a bridge.

This is one of the more painful experiences I’ve ever had to go through. Ronny was more than just a friend, a person that completed me and my own personality and I’m confident he felt the same.

Ronny was a very skilled programmer with a great deal of real life experience in the area. His approach to his skill and life always amazed me. After loosing his sister, which he was very close to, he struggled but had the insight to see that he struggled and did actions to come out of it. Mid 2004 he lost his father to cancer and had a down period that me managed to take control over in much the same manner he had done before.

Ronny was always a positive person and wanted to try out new things all the time. He did a lot of writing. Either it was blogs, poems, stories, they always had a certain quality with them that you seldomly find.

You will be greatly missed!  My heart goes out to his family, his friends and other loved ones. This is surely a great tragedy and a great loss to the world. I allready miss you!

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