Shooting Star

I recently had the opportunity to be an extra in a hollywood movie production through winning a contest that came with my cable bill..   The production was another remake of the Charles Dickens classic; “A christmas carol”. It will star Kelsey Grammer (Frasier), Jennifer Love Hewitt (I know what you did last summer), Jane Krakowski (Ally McBeal), Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) and some others I can’t remember at the moment.

The experience was the coolest I’ve ever done, and probably the most surrealistic as well. There I was, in Budapest/Hungary chillin’ out with these superstars. I got to hang out with them for a whole day, sitting in the production tent alongside the director and all these actors.

But, I gotta hand it to them, being an actor or actress is not just easy money. Of course they get very very good salaries, but all that waiting. One scene took something like 2 hours to get right. And then we’re talking about a fairly straightforward scene. The scene is, mind you, going to end up something like 30 seconds worth of actual film. While this is going on with 2 of the actors, the rest has to just sit there and wait their turn. Imagine doing this everyday, and this in Budapest in the middle of the summer and a real heatwave. We had 40 degrees centigrate that week. Everyone was swetty..  But, it was really worth it..

Anyway..  I’d really like to thank Hallmark for giving me this opportunity. Hopefully they’ll come knockin’ again for me to star in a movie of their choice.. :)

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