Touring south of California

In February I will be in south of California doing a couple of talks at different venus; 4 in total. 2 of them has been announced already here and here, when I get the links for the two remaining ones I will update this post with the details, so stay tuned. Thanks to Kim Schmidt from vNext_OC for making this happen and for asking me to drop by.

Basically the talks will be on two different topics.

Below you’ll see the different topics with the synopsis of them. So, if you’re nearby these venues, don’t hesitate to stop by. Also worth mentioning, Charles Petzold is giving talk at one of the user groups I’ll be doing a talk at, be sure to not miss it as well - more details can be found here.

Let’s focus on business value

Creating software is very hard, a lot of practices has been developed over the years to accommodate this and make it easier. Some of these are DDD (Domain Driven Design), SOLID, BDD (Behavior Driven Development) and concrete architectural patterns such as CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) and MVVM (Model View ViewModel) came as reactions to these practices. Einar will take you on a tour through all of the above mentioned subjects and show you concretely how you can achieve true developer productivity by applying all these. By utilising an open source framework called Bifrost, Einar will show end to end how these practices and patterns can come to life and can really let you as a developer hit the ground running and at the same time capture and deliver true business value without sacrificing code quality. All this and also cloud ready!

It’s primetime, a JavaScript story

It’s pretty fair to say that JavaScript is not a fad; it is by far
the most widespread programming language out there and also the most available runtime we have, ranging from toasters to the web, and even to the backend development through Node.js. Its probably also fair to say that we should really embrace it and start treating it like a first class citizen of our day
to day work. In this talk, Einar will take you on a tour of how you can work
with JavaScript with similar patterns you’re already used to from the rest of
your server code. Writing tests or specifications that proves your code is also
important, Einar will show how to get started with this and how you can achieve more testable JavaScript by applying patterns like MVVM (Model View ViewModel) using KnockoutJS

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