Ruby student at your service

Ruby is getting a lot of attention these days - and I’ve scratched the surface of it myself and can understand why. These days I just want to get some more experience with it myself, but as with anything one has not done yet its kinda hard to get started. Sure, Googling things will get you going with the language itself but the flow of working with it takes a lot longer.

Another point is - if one comes from a different environment, one tends to look at new stuff with old glasses.

Therefor, I’m reaching out - is there a Ruby shop on the east-coast of Norway that would like to have me passively sitting besides/behind a developer for a day in order for me to pick up the flow and routine of developing on Ruby. If you do your Ruby development on a Mac as well, that would be a major plus.

I can’t promise much back, I’m afraid - unless your shop needs input or help on Microsoft .net based technologies.

If this is doable at your shop, please contact me either via email : einar [at] dolittle [dot] com, twitter DM : einari or by phone : +47 909 66 858.

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