Balder - Roadmap first half 2011

Some of you might be wondering what is on the Agenda for Balder in 2011. One of the core focus areas is to get the library to a level were it is easier to get people onboard and have more resources contribute to the project. In order to do that, some things has to be streamlined a little bit better, this is typically documentation, but also get things like a proper build server up and running and get continuous integration working.

- Architectural documentation of the entire library
- Getting started guides
- Simple tutorials
- Xml comments in all of the code

- Clipping, near-plane clipping issues
- BoundingSpheres
- Improved ASE loading, fix silly bugs
- Camera bug fixes

**- Transparent rendering
- Multithreaded rendering
- DesignTime support - at least objects should be visible
- Full Xna support - (Windows, Xbox, WP7)
- WP7 Hybrid Mode - Xaml based, but no Silverlight elements on top
- WP7 Pure Mode - 100% programatic, no Xaml.
- Animation
- 3DS file loader
- Async loading support

- Coverflow

**- Optimizations

This might look like much - but trust me, most of them are quite big issues to handle. This is at least the goal, no guarantees that this will be the end result when we approach summertime 2011 - but heres to hoping!

Also, I know there are a few feature requests for Balder, and a also a set of bug-fixes needed. Some of these might be done when doing something else. The list above is basically based upon prioritizing registered cases at the Balder site, discussions on the forum and email I’ve received directly. So please don’t get mad if you don’t see a feature or bug you’d like done in this timeframe.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.