Welcoming a new developer to the Balder team

Happy new year to everyone!
I’m starting off 2011 with brilliant news.

For the most part, in fact 99.9% of Balder, I have been the sole developer. I’ve had some help with some of the math from friends and contributors, and some contributions has come along the way in the form of emailed source files or patches - and I’m truly thankful for all of this!

In the middle of December 2010 I started a dialog with Rui Silvestre who has been using Balder for their company YDreams, and he agreed to join the team and contribute more directly to the project.

So a big warm welcome to Rui.

In other news, documentation is something that has been neglected for quite a while. The focus on creating new features at the highest pace has been the focus. This is about to change, intellisense enabled documentation through XML comments in the code as well as more detailed documentation is underway. Hopefully this documentation will both be helpful for adopters of Balder, but also helpful for those who want to contribute to the library.

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