Balder - licensing

I’ve been back and forth so many times with trying to come up with a good licensing model for Balder and have decided to keep the Ms-PL license, with one exception. Anyone creating commercial libraries that is based partly or fully on Balder and is monetized, must obtain a commercial license.

Licenses can be requested at :

At the moment, the Balder codeplex site is not reflecting the change. Its on its way and will be reflected in a couple of days.

So, why am I sticking with it and not trying to make any money from the library directly, you might ask. Well, I figured I’d go a different route. Keep the library open and free, but create commercial tools that extends Balder instead. I have a few ideas about this, especially around Blend and creating a unique experience there. More than the design-time support I’ve already planned to go into Balder directly.

Also, I’ll be setting up the possibility to donate to the project. I’ll get back with more details about that, and why a donation would be good.

I’m also looking at the possibility to provide consultancy services and commercial licenses with dedicated support option as well.

UPDATE: Codeplex site is now updated and reflecting the new Licensing model. Also the licensing file in the repository is updated.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.