Book review : Microsoft Silverlight 4 and SharePoint 2010 Integration

MicrosoftSilverlight4AndSharepoint2010I’ve been reading a book on a subject that is halfway interesting to me; at least the Silverlight part of it. :) Its written by Gastón C. Hillar, you’ll find it here. The book is not a beginners guide to Silverlight or SharePoint, you are required to have some background with both technologies to be able to get full joy from the book.

Even though, SharePoint is not something I normally do or find that exciting, I must admit that after reading it, Gastón has triggered me a little bit. I like the way he writes, and how he introduces things at the right pace.

What I found great about the book is that if you’re a SharePoint developer, you’ll get a lot great value from this book - you’ll learn a lot about the new concepts in SharePoint 2010, and also get a pretty good introduction to Silverlight development. Holding Silverlight closer to heart, I must admit I paid more attention to this.

From a Silverlight developer point of view, with little experience in SharePoint, I felt I could have had more details about SharePoint. But then again, the goal of the book is not to make you learn either of the technologies, but to actually learn how to use them together.

The book goes into detail about how to use the new object model for SharePoint, and how you can programmatically take advantage of all the features of SharePoint through this model. It explains in detail from the beginning how to get started to more advanced subjects. It goes into details about scalability, asynchronous UI capabilities in Silverlight and how to take the best advantage of the model.

The only two things I really find a bit negative in the book is that some concepts felt that could have a bit more explaining, plus I personally could have used a bit more indepth on some of the SharePoint things. But all in all, I think it was worthwhile reading it and would recommend it for anyone who wants to learn more about using Silverlight inside Sharepoint.

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