Balder coming

Things are moving fast these days with Balder and I am closing in on the next release already. Keeping up with my target pace.

At this point these are the things already done or is in progress for the next release:

  • New Skybox, utilizing built in Silverlight perspective projection, which can be hardware accelerated

  • Perspective correct texture mapping - previous version had only affine texture mapping

  • Bilinear filtering for texture mapping

  • Performance boost for the entire rendering pipeline

  • Better, faster and more accurate lighting

  • Subpixel rendering

  • Vertex-shader like functionality for SIlverlight

  • Multiple “Games” in one page

  • Multiple textures during rendering

  • Semitransparent / alpha-channel support for texture mapping
  • Introducing a control for no-game centric applications; Content3D

  • A lot of bugfixing
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