Balder is out

Its only been 2 weeks since the last release, but a new release of Balder is ready.
It can be found here.

Here are the highlights :

  • Major breaking changes in namespace : Balder.Core.* is now Balder.*, Balder.Silverlight.Animation is now Balder.Animation.
  • Brought everything down from 2 DLLs to 1 DLL - Balder.dll, it contains everything
  • Swapped to the latest version of NInject - internally a lot of changes had to be done
  • Introducing Windows Phone 7 support in WP7 Silverlight Application with Hardware Accelarated graphics
  • Skybox support - property on Game and Viewport
  • Started working on iOS (iPhone/iPad) version
  • Started working on Xna version
  • Started working on Desktop version
  • One step closer to desig-time support, not quite there yet - hang in there
  • Shading support for textured models (both flat and gourd)
  • Lighting has been fixed a lot for OmniLight - takes into account the light color and the material information, still some work ahead on this subject though.
  • Some bug fixes in ASE loader + tests
  • Cleaned up some samples in SampleBrowser
  • Introduced IMap interface for Maps instead of tying everything to Image for DiffuseMap and ReflectionMap on Material. One can now implement any map types - but dimensions must be power of 2.
This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.