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GitHub I salute you

I've been using CodePlex with both the TFS integration and SVN for quite a while and recently started using GitHub, especially for the Balder project, and must say that I'm very impressed with what they have over at GitHub. Not only is Git something I'm really falling in love with and the way GitHub handles this, but simple things as the Issue tracking is so nice. GitHub is ultrafast, anything one does, its instant. Adding and modifiying issues is like working locally, kudos for this. 

One of the things I discovered the other day was the ability to host your pages there as well. Plain HTML hosting, something I've been missing at CodePlex, the best part, the HTML being hosted is versioned by Git – of course.



2 thoughts on “GitHub I salute you

  1. I mean more in general – I can have any HTML hosted.

    One thing that is getting more and more important for my particular project is to have a dedicated domain ( – soon to be announced). The HTML for this is then being hosted over at GitHub and the HTML is versioned through GIT.

    CodePlex has worked out great for me so far, but source-code management wize GIT was a better choice, and GITHub provides a bunch of features I didn’t think I needed before I discovered them. 🙂

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