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Silverlight Unit Test runners, new project -> Odin

I've been busy the last couple of nights doing a complete rewrite of my original SilverlightRunners project.
The reason for this was that the structure of the original project didn't agree with me, hard to write unit tests, bad structure – had the feeling of being rushed. Also, having the implementational details it had, stability was really bad. Another point was that I wanted to rebrand the project.

The new project has been called Odin (yes, I know – what is going on with all this Norse Mythology fetish I seem to have..) and is located on Codeplex.

For the time being there is a 0.4 release, with an MSI file for easier installation. The current version only has limited support for running the unit tests through commandline.  I am working hard these days to complete the 0.5 release to have a feature full execution engine for running tests and full commandline support. Then I'll be moving on to recreating the resharper support, targetting R# 4.5.


2 thoughts on “Silverlight Unit Test runners, new project -> Odin

  1. It is one of the features I’ll build into the 0.5 release of the project.

    If you have more suggestions, please don’t hesitate go to the codeplex site and add Issues or start a discussion.

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