WASD - Turkey 2009 content

From the 8th of February till the 13th of February I held a workshop in Turkey called “Workshop on Animation Simulation and Design” (WASD). The workshop was focused on game development using Microsoft Xna as the preferred platform.

The first two days was dedicated to labs to get to know Xna from the bottom and up and aimed at developers with knowledge of C# and using Visual Studio 2008.

I’ve made all the labs available as DOCX files to download from the links below:

Drawing Sprites
Moving Sprites
Rotating Sprites
Game Component
Game Services
Drawing a Cube
Rotating a Cube
Enabling simple lighting
Creating a camera service
Using keyboard as Input
Playing music
Playing sound effects
Printing text

I’ll be reorganizing these tutorials a bit and publish them directly to my blog in a few days as well.

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