[Down to earth with Raymond Holmboe]

This show Einar is having a relaxed time in his living room with Raymond Holmboe. We talk about how things are for an independent consultant. Raymond has a variety of interests ranging from game development to enterprise development.

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.net, C#, XNA

WASD – Turkey 2009 content

From the 8th of February till the 13th of February I held a workshop in Turkey called "Workshop on Animation Simulation and Design" (WASD). The workshop was focused on game development using Microsoft Xna as the preferred platform.

The first two days was dedicated to labs to get to know Xna from the bottom and up and aimed at developers with knowledge of C# and using Visual Studio 2008.

I've made all the labs available as DOCX files to download from the links below:

Drawing Sprites
Moving Sprites
Rotating Sprites
Game Component
Game Services
Drawing a Cube
Rotating a Cube
Enabling simple lighting
Creating a camera service
Using keyboard as Input
Playing music
Playing sound effects
Printing text

I'll be reorganizing these tutorials a bit and publish them directly to my blog in a few days as well.



I guess everyone do a little daydreaming now and then, about anything they care about. For instance, sitting in a boring meeting and your mind starts to wander and you're thinking about your family, your friends, something fun you will do after work and what not. For us developers I think these daydreams have a tendency to lean towards programming tasks. Whenever I have a moment were I am not doing something useful, my mind wanders away and starts writing some really cool code for something. The code being written could be a project I am working on and I'm actually solving tasks that need to be solved, other cases the code being written is all glamorous and in some cases not theoretically possible to write.

 A little more than a week ago I was in Turkey and on several times found myself at a coffee place with some Turkish guys, on occasion they talked all Turkish, which is natural and my mind started to wander and programming something cool. The last day of my stay, I ended up in such a situation and sat there programming again until my mind started to wander even further and think about the concept of doing this disconnected programming. I needed a name for it, the idea of "Progreaming" was born, so from this point on I will refer to the concept as Progreaming.