Xna 3.0 is out

Finally the news of Xna 3.0 struck me as well. Its been some days since the release of Xna 3.0, but with a hectic schedule I am not always fitting in time to read my RSS feeds. Anywho, he Xna team delivers, again. Finally, the release of version 3.0 of Xna is out. A lot of new features is included in this release. To mention a few:

* Visual Studio Integration : Support for C# 3.0, LINQ
* Try before you buy: You can allow your customers to try your game before they buy it
* Invitations: You can programatically allow players to invite friends to join their game
* In addition Windows and Xbox 360, there is now Zune support (when will Europe get this?)
* OneClick deployment of Windows Games

If you want to get started with Xna 3.0, start at this location.

For more details on the release of Xna 3.0 go here.

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