All Game Camp 2008 Content available on YouTube

Finally we got the time to get all the content from the DV tapes onto a harddrive and have prepared it and uploaded it all to YouTube.

Below you’ll find links to all the content, most of it in Norwegian. The panel debate, the keynote and the second session by Scott Bilas are in English.

All videos

Keynote by Scott Bilas

Storytelling in games by Torbjørn Sitre from Funcom

Gamedesign by Trond Vidar Johansen from Artplant

Rapid prototyping by Eirik Moseng from Digiment Games

Optimizing the development pipeline by Scott Bilas from Loose Cannon Studios

Xna Workshop by Einar Ingebrigtsen from Objectware & Game Camp

Silverlight gaming by Einar Ingebrigtsen from Objectware & Game Camp

The panel debate featuring Rune Zakariassen / Microsoft, Jan Kasper Martinsen /NITH, Scott Bilas / Loose Cannon Studio, Eirik Moseng / Digiment Games and myself in front.

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