MVP on Xna / DirectX

I got a call at 6 PM today, was minding my own business cleaning up after dinner; Rune Grothaug on the DPE team at Microsoft Norway called. He started off being very serious. I was thinking that someone had died or something. Then he started the sentence that made me go through the roof: “.. as far as he could see, I was awarded the MVP title today..”. You can imagine my excitement. I’ve been awarded the MVP title for Xna & DirectX.

First I need to thank everyone who has been involved in the process; Rune Grothaug (DPE Norway), Johan Lindfors (DPE Sweden), Rune Zakariassen (DPE Norway), Gerard Verbrugge (my MVP lead) and the rest of the guys on the DPE Team in Norway for giving me chance to become visible from time to time. I also want to thank my beautiful and patient wife for letting me sit in front of the computer, organize Game Camp and NNUG events and pretty much run around the country talk about what I love to do. I am truely sorry if I left anyone out. Feels like I just stood at the Oscars, but then again getting the MVP award is like getting a developer Oscar. :) 

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