Don’t forget the Game Camp Event – 26th of September

We’re getting closer and closer to the most important date for us guys at Game Camp; 26th of September we’re having another event. This time we have really some great content for you. And as always; IT’S FREE.

Scott Bilas
is coming to do the keynote and a session as well. Scott has worked on
a lot of tripple A games for numerous companies (Sierra Online, Oberon
Media, Gas Powered Games). He has had a few talks at the Games
Developers Conference and is a strong believer in creating games in a
managed environment such as the .net CLR and utilizing Xna. In addition
FunCom is coming to talk about their experience in developing Age of
Conan. The agenda is so great, you´ve gotta go and read to not miss
out. Most game companies in Norway are attending with speakers. This
will be our best event yet!

Don´t hesitate to register and show up at this great event.

Read the agenda and register here. And remember to spread the word.


Silverlight talk at NNUG Vestfold, 9th of October 2008

It’s been a slow year for us at NNUG Vestfold, we haven’t had the chance to have all the meetings we planned. Anyways, we’re bouncing back and have a meeting on the 9th of October. The topic for the evening is Silverlight 2 with 2 different sessions. First we’re starting off with the basics of Silverlight and Xaml and the second session will be more about how Silverlight fits in more advanced scenarios. If you’re curious about WPF, this could be an excellent starting point as well, seeing that Silverlight 2 is a subset of WPF and most of what will be demonstrated is applicable for WPF as well.

The speaker this time is none other than yours truely. 🙂 

If you happen to be in our beautiful town; Sandefjord, at the time – don’t hesitate to stop by and see what Silverlight can do for you. You can register here.


Silverlight (version X) + H.264 and AAC = true

Microsoft has decided to put support for the H.264 codec and AAC into Silverlight in the future. This is great stuff. In theory this should mean we could get content from places like YouTube and play it directly in Silverlight. And, of course, we who have decided to buy a Mac and use it for video editing and want to publish our newly iMovie edited home videos, we can do it through Silverlight without having to convert to WMV.

Read more about it at Tim Heuers post about it: H.264 and AAC support coming to Silverlight


Updating UI from a thread, timer og backgroundworker in Silverlight

If you’re a Windows forms developer you’re probably used to using the Invoke() or BeginInvoke() to execute code in the context of the UI thread (Application loop). Same goes for WPF with the Dispatcher object.

For Silverlight, this was also introduced in 2.0. The Dispatcher object is present in all UIElement objects and can be used to execute code in the context of the UI thread to avoid having cross thread exceptions. I’ve been needing this ever since I started working on the Balder 3D engine in order to get real performance from it. Now I can really get things flying.

Here’s a sample (Don’t mind the squiglies from R#):


First day at Objectware

I am sitting on the bus right now on my way to my first day at Objectware. My official title is Technology Evangelist. The job will consist of consultant work, community work, blogging and other related activities. This should in theory mean that I get more time to post here and do talks at places like NNUG.

This is my first job were I am doing consultant work, I’ve always been working for ISVs. Hopefully I’ll adapt fast. I must admit that this is a bit scary. 🙂

Waiting to get started at a new job can make the days very long, imagine doing it when you’re sitting at home the last 10 weeks. I am very very excited, can’t wait to dive into some Silverlight work.

Wish me luck…