Silverlight talk at NNUG Vestfold, 9th of October 2008

It’s been a slow year for us at NNUG Vestfold, we haven’t had the chance to have all the meetings we planned. Anyways, we’re bouncing back and have a meeting on the 9th of October. The topic for the evening is Silverlight 2 with 2 different sessions. First we’re starting off with the basics of Silverlight and Xaml and the second session will be more about how Silverlight fits in more advanced scenarios. If you’re curious about WPF, this could be an excellent starting point as well, seeing that Silverlight 2 is a subset of WPF and most of what will be demonstrated is applicable for WPF as well.

The speaker this time is none other than yours truely. :) 

If you happen to be in our beautiful town; Sandefjord, at the time - don’t hesitate to stop by and see what Silverlight can do for you. You can register here.

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