I want to start producing some screencasts with focus on my two favorite technologies these days; Silverlight 2 and Xna, but find myself at a loss for what I should create. I am also open to suggestions to other things to create screencasts for.

Please leave me a comment if you have suggestions to topics you want to learn more about.
There is very little Norwegian content out there, so I have an idea about focusing the content on Norwegian, I’m not sure if the audience would want this. Please leave a comment about preferred language as well, that way its easier to figure out what people want.

Ofcourse – if you don’t want me to create screencasts, that would also be a comment to leave.


One thought on “Screencasts

  1. Screencasts are cool.
    Norwegian works for me, considering everything else around on the www is in english or other non-norwegian languages 😛

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