Tonsills be gone

On wednesday this week I went in for a routine operation to remove my tonsills. Normally these things take about 20 minutes and they need to observe you for a couple of hours to make sure you´re OK. Turns out, I wasn´t OK after the two hours. I had a really bad reaction to the morphin they gave me. I got really sick and they decided to keep me overnight.

That was a really good decision, because that night has got to be one of the most interesting nights in my life. I had a morphin retraction that was really bad, combined with problems getting all the oxygene into my lounges. I was given medicine for one problem and another popped up, at least that was how it fealt. Anywho. Some 36 hours after the operation, I was finally sent home.

Now I´m just sitting here, enjoying the pain (and the drugs ofcourse).

Btw: Got myself a MacBook pro - so I´m trying to figure that one out during these hazy days.

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