116 days to PDC’08 and still counting…

Still got funds left that can be spent for a developer related conference? You should really consider going to Microsoft’s PDC this year. I’ve been to PDC’03 and PDC’05 and they were awesome, I would expect nothing less from the conference this year.

Anyways, go to http://microsoftpdc.com/ and get your ticket today. (Apparently I was the first Norwegian guy to get a ticket.. Ordered it the same day they got available..  🙂 )

Hope to see you there!


2 thoughts on “116 days to PDC’08 and still counting…

  1. Maybe you’ll get a price for being the first Norwegian to buy the ticket. Maybe a ticket for another Norwegian 😉 May I suggest me! 🙂 Anyways, I would love to go to PDC this year, but I’m afraid I’ve spent my budget already (and them some).

    Enjoy the conference and hopefully I’ll get inspired by you telling about PDC next time we meet 🙂

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