Interesting Xna case : Sobee in Turkey

During my stay in Turkey I got invited to a games development company called Sobee. They have created a few titles that I found very very good. They’re now working on a massive multiplayer football championship game written entirely in C# utilizing managed DirectX. They have really proven that one can create trippel-A games using C# and the .net framework. We had a long and good talk about how Xna could help them leverage the Windows platform better and get even closer to porting their game to the Xbox 360 platform. The API difference between managed DirectX and Xna is not that big, most of the types are called the same or similar, some methods are different, and of course you’ve got the entire content pipeline in Xna that you haven’t got in MDX. But even with the content pipeline, the fileformats are all the same, so it should still be a fairly simple task to convert a MDX game and get it up and running on the Xna platform. Hopefully they’ll go for the Xna platform, as I think both their game would benefit from Xna and it would be a great case to show that Xna is really for professional games development as well as for hobbyists and casual gaming.

Below, you’ll see a picture at Sobee with me (from the left), Ozgur Soner and Mevlut Dinc discussing the possibilities.
The funny part is that Mevlut Dinc I was told afterwards was one the guys behind a game on the commodore 64 called Last Ninja II (http://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,68130/). So in many ways I had a meeting with one of the guys I had as my personal hero when I grew up and learned programming. Great fun! :) 



Turkey Xna Workshop almost coming to an end… :(

I’ve been in Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey for this week, and unfortunately it is coming to an end.

Together with Microsoft Turkey, we’ve been holding a full Xna workshop and I must say it’s been really great. All the students attending have shown their interest in the subject. They got an assignment; to create a game in 3 days. A heavy task to undertake, you might say. Thus far, the results have been astonishing. They really picked up Xna fast and had stuff up and running really fast. I’m looking forward to seeing the result tomorrow.

Ofcourse, all material will be released in several places. Also, Microsoft has recorded all presentations on video and will also be available soon.

All hands-on-labs will be published over at Game Camp sometime next week.

I’ll keep you all posted with the details as fast as I can.


NDC 2008 – One day away – I can’t wait.

It’s 12 hours and some 20 minutes till Scott Hanselmann will enter the stage at NDC 2008. I’m all excited.. 🙂

Finally we get a proper event for developers in Norway, a chance for us developers to socialize more than we normally do. Great stuff. The lineup is incredible, great work from the guys behind the event (I know at least one guy; Rune Grothaug, has been working a lot to realize this).

Hope to see everyone there tomorrow. Have a safe flight everyone that is flying in.