Non-smoker : Life Laundry Project 1, step 1 completed.

About a year ago I decided to quit smoking with the motivational factor being my 2 year old daughter. I figured my health was in such a bad shape that I wasn’t able to keep up with her. As a gift to her 2 year birthday I quit smoking with the help of a drug called Champix (Chantix in the U.S.). I was lucky enough to not get any sideeffects, other than actually being able to quit smoking. The coming week I’ll celebrating 1 year of being a non-smoker, as well as the third birthday of my daughter.

Now it’s on to maintaining my position in the world as a non-smoker. I’m very motivated to do it, so let’s keep our fingers crossed. My next project is to loose enough weight to get down to my 1997 level. This means I have to loose some 20 kilos (appr. 40 U.S. pounds or so) from my starting point which was early january. So far I’ve managed 3 kilos, which is actually not that bad considering I haven’t started doing anything physical yet. Only thing I’ve done is get rid of bread and introduced WASA Whole Grain Crispbread. This works out great for my diabetes too.


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