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Game Camp – Kick Off

We’re closing in on the official kick off for Game Camp. 23rd of November is the date. The kick off will be in Oslo at NITH’s facilities, we’re getting speakers from Microsoft, Cap Gemini and myself to come and talk about different aspects of XNA and development of games using a managed environment such as .net. In addition we’re working on getting Norway’s biggest game developer, FunCom, to come and show off their latest title ‘Age of Conan’. Fingers are being crossed for this to happen.

Anyhow, if you want to attend, and I know you want to, you have to go and register yourself for the event over at our Game Camp site :


Be there or be ..  Hmm..  Game Over.. 🙂


Silverlight packaging

One of the things I’m really missing from Silverlight as it is today is the ability to package an entire application with all it’s artifacts (xaml, binary/DLLs, javascripts, PNG files – etc.. etc..) in a single archive and reference this in an ASP.net application.

I’ve been working with a solution that enables this feature through packaging applications as ZIP archives. The solution is very simple; create an HTTP handler that responds to this in a specific directory and unzips the archives on the fly and preferably cache them somewhere on the disk for speedy lookups later.

Follow my blog and I’ll get back to you on the subject when I have finished the code!

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Silverlight – client / server

I’ve been brewing on an idea lately that I’m going to start prototyping as soon as I have a spare hour or two.. :)  

What if we had a server side representation of the the user interface from a Silverlight application. Let’s say you have a DataGrid control in your silverlight application and you want to databind this to the server without having to go through a WebService, wouldn’t it be need if you could do :

<DataGrid x:Name="myDataGrid" Server:DataRowChanged="myDataGrid_DataRowChanged"/>

In your server code you would just do :

protected void myDataGrid_DataRowChanged(object sender, DataRowChangedEventArgs e)

What I would then like to have in my Visual Studio solution/project explorer is 3 files :


Why would this be handy you say..   Well..  I would get rid of a lot of boiler plate code that I would have to do every time I wanted a scenario where I connect data for instance from the server to the client.

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XNA Tour

It seems I’m going on what turns out to look more and more like a tour with Microsoft’s XNA as the focus. I will be speaking at NNUG (Norwegian Net User Group) in Bergen Wednesday the 31st of October 2007.  http://www.nnug.no/Avdelinger/Bergen/Moter/Brukergruppemote-oktober2/

In addition to this we’re launching Game Camp Norway (http://www.gamecamp.no) on the 23rd of November 2007 at NITH in Oslo. We’re still working on putting up the registration site and everything, but it’s all going to be great fun.

On top of these events NNUG Oslo asked me to a session in springtime of 2008, details of this has yet to be laid out..  

I’m so excited. Finally I get to talk about game making utilizing the .net framework.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood for any the above mentioned events, drop by and have a look.