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The joy of being a developer

I’ve come to a point in my life were I think I’ve figured out what I’m going to be when I grow up; a developer.
Recently I’ve been jumping between jobs and found myself wanting to downgrade from being a Chieft of something something to being more of a hardcore developer.

I walked away from a position at a place called Notus a couple of months ago as the Manager of Application Development. I quit this job in june and started working for a startup company called Fjord Media. Being a startup company things weren’t that organized that I’ve grown fond of, and found myself getting very stressed from the lack of structure and processes. I decided to quit and did so and walked out the building the same day without having a job to go to. During that day I started what I normally do when I’m looking for work; send out emails to friends and past colleagues to see if there would be any leads out there. Sure enough, the market is great these days so a couple of leads came my way the same day. I spent the next couple of days walking in and out of interviews and talking to people on the phone and writing emails. During this time I also found the time to start spinning thoughts around in my head about what kind of job would make be a happier person.

6 days after I quit my job at Fjord Media I had a meeting with my former employer, they contacted me the same day I quit and wanted to hear if I was interested in coming back. Not to the same position I held but a developer or team lead for one of the teams. After having the meeting with them I had this good vibe inside me; I was going to write code on a regular basis again. I got an offer later that day that was a very good offer;  I got to be a team lead/lead developer for the platform and architecture team. I was walking around the city when they called me with the offer, so I told them I had to call them back some 15-20 minutes later. It was then it really hit me with a good warm feeling inside of me; I am a developer, I will always be a developer, this is the profession I chose for myself ages ago. I couldn’t wait to get home and pick up the phone and accept the offer. It couldn’t get any better than this; I got to write code at a place where I knew (and love!) all the people, I knew the code (heck, I’ve worked there for 5.5 years..) and I got to do pretty cool stuff; work with the latest of .net related technologies (.net 3.0 and later 3.5, BT2006, SQL2005, VS2008, Silverlight..) .

The conclusion is I am a developer and I’m proud of it!

Now, on to writing some cool code..    I’ve got a couple of Silverlight thingies up my sleeve. 🙂

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Expression European Designer Tour

Microsoft is finally out there on a tour with the purpose of learning us the do’s and don’ts for Expression featuring
Florent Pajani, Martin Tirion and Philippe Deltenre.

The Expression European Designer Tour will be coming to a place near you very soon.
The Norwegian version will be held in Oslo on the 12th of October :


09.30-10.00 Welcome – Registration

10.00- 10.30 Introduksjon – Florent Pajani
Find out how Software and Services from Microsoft is pushing the envelope of what’s possible on the Web today. The tools and technologies Microsoft has built for Web developers and designers to help them work better together in creating immersive experiences on the Web

10.30-10.45 Pause

10.45-12.00 Designing Rich Client Experiences – Martin Tirion
Expression Studio allows designers to create compelling UIs for the Windows Desktop and for the web. The Studio offers a complete set of tools, including Design, Blend, Web and Media, which enable designers to work closely together with developers. Developers can use Visual Studio which offers a top class development environment. Because of the tight integration of the platform and the tools it is a very compelling environment to have various disciplines work together building the next generation applications with a rich user experience. This presentation provides an overview of the tools and the integration.

12.00-12.30 Lunch

12.30-13.15 Overhyped and Undervalued – Philippe Deltenre
Too much hype? Or not enough? Do we over- or underestimate the changes that will occur in the coming years? Is Microsoft missing the social media revolution or is Microsoft leading it?”