Movie piracy – Mmm.. The taste in my mouth…

Last week I went out to rent a movie as I often do.
Went home got my coke and put the movie in my DVD player.

As usual, in most Norwegian movies at least, it starts with a commercial. I’m not talking about previews, but commercials for potatochips and such. To my surprise though; they’ve turned off the ability to skip to the next chapter or get to the DVD menu, my SONY DVD player kept on saying “Operation prohibited by disc” which is the message it displays when the DVD has been programmed not to support a functionality.

I almost choked in anger..  Is it possible?  Here I go using my hard earned cash on renting a movie and then it turns out I’ve actually paid for commercials. A stunt like that makes piracy all of a sudden quite OK. I don’t download movies, TV series or what not. If the industry wants people to stop copying their products, this is not the way to go about doing so. I’m pretty sure there are more people out there that get’s angry about the principal of having to pay for commercials.

It would be quite OK having the commercials there and not being able to skip them if they were handing out DVDs. But when money has been changing owner it is not OK by a long shot.

Another thing they keep putting on the DVDs you buy and rent are the anti-piracy infomercials. Ehh.. I bought the thing.. I don’t need to get reminded to not download the movie I just bought or rented.. HELLO..




Structure and work processes – do they bite?

Today I reached a mutual agreement with my employer that it would be probably better if I didn’t work there no more, so I handed in my resignation. No dramatics at all.

The company is a startup company and has been around for about 2 years now. The reason for me quitting the job was the fact that I wanted to add structure and process to the way they work and they didn’t. I then felt that without the structure and a development process I would not be in a satisfactory working environment. Anywho.. 

I’ve been involved with a couple of startup companies in my time in the industry and find my self asking; why does it always hurt so much to to things in a more structured manner. The companies I’ve been involved with always claim the same thing; in our market we have to move from a day to day basis, otherwise we might as well just stop doing what we do. Why is it so scary to define a way of working that will ease the stress level and probably give the customer better quality?

Although the relationship with my last employeer ended on very good terms, I can’t help to be a bit frustrated about the fact that one would not consider looking into the possibility to work in a better way with less stress. But hey.. Who am I to judge. Afterall, I came in there on the highest horse I could find and told them to do it like this and this and not like that…   Well.