New Job -Jiiiihaa...

I started working at a company called Fjord Media yesterday. I left behind 5.5 years of enterprise application development for a simpler life. :)   I will be doing .net, ofcourse (is there anything else?), focusing on Windows and Web (finally I can do silverlight professionally. :) ). In addition I will be doing some .net Micro framework..  Damn, that is some cool stuff.  I mean, you got devices the size of a regular wristband-watch running .net. I’ve already created an application hosting a simple Web server on the Digi Connect ME device ( The hardware is just about the size of a regular ethernet socket you find on any motherboard and it has a .net device onboard.. NICE NICE!

So…  I guess my postings will take a new turn.. Maybe..  Who knows..  Time will tell.

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