eXtreme Programming – Too extreme?

I’m gradually moving into being an eXtreme Programmer, takes a while to apply all practises, but I’m getting there..  One thing that kinda bugs me though; the lack of templates for existing applications / servers for helping me do what I do best : design and write code.

For one I’ve started using the XDE designer for .net (Rational). Really coooool tool. It comes with a lot of design patterns that are really nice. In addition it had a set of RUP features. Where did the XP features go??

Again, SharePoint. Templates for just doing simple User Story cards digitally with tasks and the ability to put these into iterations. What’s the problem??   I know that they all say : “stick to the simplest tools there are; pen and paper”. Hello.. Wake up!  Tracking user stories, tasks and how much time spent on them are crying to be handled digitally. Someone should step up and create all these templates. Project should have a template for this as well..

Maybe that someone is me..  Hey.. Never thought about that angle.. 🙂  Well..  Today is the official blowing off steam day.


What gives?

I’ve got an interesting question :

When it comes to SharePoint you find a lot of cool articles about how cool the Portal Server is and what not. You also find a lot of articles about programming webparts and changing the layout.  But what I can’t find is a simple template site for a blog.  What’s up with that?

I’ve found several guys that actually serves their blog through SharePoint.

It’s not that DasBlog is not a cool piece of software; quite the opposite. But, I use SharePoint for everything else and would realllllly love it if I could do blogs with this as well..

That was my second blog.. 🙂     By the end of the week, I’ll get the hang of this..  Just you wait!